Vandalism Strikes the Shore

The following was originally published for Jersey Shore Hurricane News on June 10th, 2016 and is an example of national politics affecting the local area, plus other vandalism.

A sign of the times?

We spotted political graffiti today on a house that sits on the Toms River in Pine Beach.

It says, “1# TRUMP OBAMA SUCKS,” and it was spraypainted on a summer home earlier this week. But that’s not all.

20160609_184515 1200px WM

The politically-charged graffiti is the latest in what has been numerous complaints of vandalism, such as on an overnight last week, when the Station Avenue gazebo – which had been refurbished entirely by volunteers from town and the local Boy Scout Troop 70 in April 2012 after years of neglect – was likely ripped down by unknown vandals.

DSC_0011 1200px WM

Above and below: Boy Scout Troop 70 works to refurbish, reinforce and repaint the Station Avenue Gazebo in April 2012.

DSC_0009 1200 px WM

DSC_0130 1200px WM

Above: The refurbished gazebo, which stood until last week when vandals appeared to have forced its collapse late one night.

The night it was torn down, little to no wind or storms were present or reported anywhere in the region, and following its refurbishment, the gazebo was in strong condition – and with steel supports that the boy scout troop reinforced with solid wood coverings from foundation to roof – and had little to no chance of collapsing on itself without help from determined outside forces.

DSC_0133 1200px WM

20160609_190627 1200px WM

The debris was later removed by borough public works.

Other, smaller acts include the nearby Vista Park brick public water fountain being forcibly damaged three to four times this year alone, and human feces being smeared all over the bathrooms at the park more than three times last summer.

A phone call to the Pine Beach Police Department for comment was answered by the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department.

When asked for comment, we were transferred to a voicemail for WJRZ/WRAT.

No additional information has been made available.


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