Weekday Workings @ JSHN

Beginning in 2016, I was responsible for content creation in various formats for Jersey Shore Hurricane News, both its website and social media properties. Some samples of these can be found below (above photo from JSHN Contributor, Jennifer Khordi, a personal favorite):

Shore Weather, Waves & Sun Report

Each morning, the regional weather is offered alongside surf, swell and ocean temperature conditions, fronted by the latest best shore photograph offered by our hundreds of thousands of readers and contributors.



Today’s #JSHN Shore Shots

Each day at noon, a collection of the best shore photography from our contributors taken the day or, on Mondays, weekend before is collected, culled and finalized to create a colorful, dynamic and diverse array of life up and down the coast. Sometimes the contributions are so striking that I personally have to contact the photographer and purchase a print to frame and enjoy; they’re just that good.






Shorepoints – News from Hook to Cape

As an avid reader of independent media from Monmouth to Cape May counties for nearly a decade, I decided to come up with a way to share their sparkling success with our readership, bringing them both increased attention and awareness and hopefully improving their bottom line with subscriptions and new eyeballs that help their advertisers. What I came up with I dubbed Shorepoints, and as you can see below, it’s a mix of news teasers with full details available at the source site through direct link – none of that awful news industry practice of wholly rewriting original material for self-benefit.




Besides these daily workings, I also developed special weekly features, further below:

Waves from the Past

Starting often with a postcard or submitted old photo and story, I build up a post that hopefully evokes both an era gone by and (if not too old) one that appeals to those living either as historical curiosity before their time or nostalgia from their past youth.






Coastal Reader

Having researched and compiled lists upon lists of shore-centric books and authors, each week I read one procured either from the local library or purchased from the nearby book retailer, used book store or website, and offer a rundown of its best points and who it might appeal to.



Deep Tank Jersey Cover 1000px

Shore Navigator

Each Friday, I spend several hours going through hardcopy news calendar clippings out of the copies I subscribe to, then municipal, recreation and shore marketing websites to find a handful of some of the best our region has to offer, then create photographic placards to catch the eye and a rundown of pertinent information to hold readers’ attention and invite the idea of attending such enjoyable and possibly little-known activities.






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