News Writing & Photography: Welcome Home, Soldier

This feature, published November 2014 and originally headlined, “Veteran Homecoming: Toms River Firefighter, Pfc. John D. Mount,” garnered widespread attention and included an exclusive interview with the serviceman and his father, the latter of whom was chief of the township fire company.

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News Writing & Photography: Pointing Out Injustice (Even on a Small Scale)

The following article, originally headlined “County Fair FLOP: Rides Closed on Camp Day,” was published in July 2014 and called out the greed behind several county officials’ reasons for refusing children access to rides, with no warning, on the fear of losing money. It, along with the multiple photos showing the virtually deserted and shuttered campgrounds and bored children, resulted in the rides this year being very open for all campers the next year, 2015.

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Vandalism Strikes the Shore

The following was originally published for Jersey Shore Hurricane News on June 10th, 2016 and is an example of national politics affecting the local area, plus other vandalism.

A sign of the times?

We spotted political graffiti today on a house that sits on the Toms River in Pine Beach.

It says, “1# TRUMP OBAMA SUCKS,” and it was spraypainted on a summer home earlier this week. But that’s not all.

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