Print Publishing: Regional Newspaper

Beginning December 2010, following a year as an early start-up local news website, I changed formats to print newspaper. Here are several hyperlinked front cover images that will bring you to their associated editions.

My responsibilities included writing, photography, photo editing, proofreading, editing, collaborative design (initiated by the wonderful Sabrina Luciani, continued by the driven Phil Schmidt, and concluded by the always-magnificent Sally Dracikiewicz), managing freelancers, sales, advertising design, pickup and distribution and so on. The print editions ran until late 2012 when, following Hurricane Sandy, it was combined under a test partnership called the Ocean Signal for a little over one year, after which I separated the original brand and continued in an all-digital format beginning Spring 2014.

20120801 - Riverside Signal-1 660

20120601 - Ocean Signal-1 660

20120601 - Riverside Signal-1 660


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