Social Media: Ballooning Reach & Readership

Although the Riverside Signal had a social media presence from its start, in late 2009, 2015 proved to be a a high point in our numbers.

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Beachwood: Digging Up, Comparing and Rewriting History

Beginning in 2007-08, I formed the Beachwood Historical Alliance, a small community group to collect, review and produce multimedia archives on the history of Beachwood Borough, a small community on the lower bank of the Toms River formed in 1914-15 as a newspaper subscription promotion community of the New York Tribune. The effort continues today as

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Jersey Shore, By Way of Mongolia

The Jersey Shore is going to Mongolia!

No, not the group of infamous orange television “Bennies” whose reign of fame many locals can’t wait to fade like a winter tan, but a care package of tangible local “artifacts” collected by Monmouth University Peace Corps Prep Program students that will open the cultural doors and, they hope, minds to what we live, love and do for fun here.

“You can’t send a bagel, you can’t really send a pork roll; you have to find something that represents it,” said MU Peace Corps Volunteer Preparatory Program Prof. Frank D. Cipriani, whose daughter, Emma, is currently serving as a teacher in the federal program where the package will be sent. “Things that people at a school in Mongolia, kids would want to play with or want to touch.”

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News Photography: Summertime Lighthouse Beach Bonfire

In June 2014, the Ocean County Parks Department hosted their annual campfire at Barnegat Light. Approximately 200 people, including friends, families and couples, brought blankets, chairs and the proper marshmallow roasting materials to take in the view, enjoy the heat of the fire and listen to the Basement Musicians’ Guild play hits of the 20th century. I was there with my camera and really liked what I captured, presented below.

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